Africa’s past has the power to inspire generations.

Ife. ≈ 1100 — 1500 AD
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Let's inspire Africa.


We want to showcase Africa’s most ingenious artefacts – drawn from museums and collections around the world.

Using the best images available, our goal is to create a global platform to rediscover Africa’s history of cultural ingenuity. One that spotlights this past to inspire her future.


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Nok. ≈ 600 BC — 200 AD

To assure her future.


With the youngest and fastest growing population of any continent, and a considerable diaspora, Africa’s population is her pivotal resource for sustainable development.

Our aim is to showcase Africa’s ingenious past to inspire this population. To captivate, challenge and inspire them to innovate to assure their future.


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Igbo Ukwu. ≈ 800AD - 900AD

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#SaveAfricanHistory is a Diasfunds led multi-stakeholder initiative to rediscover Africa’s history of cultural ingenuity.

Get involved. Let’s inspire Africa to assure her future.



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Let's inspire Africa.